Apprenticeships Are About A Partnership

In order to train skilled workers of the future, an agreement is entered into between an employer, the employee (apprentice), the program sponsor (the Cornhusker Chapter of ABC), and the various governing agencies (a licensing board) which regulate apprenticeships.  In short, each partner agrees to do certain things so that the apprenticeship agreement is fulfilled.  Care must be taken to ensure that each party is knowledgeable and exhibits due diligence about their responsibilities.  These responsibilities may include a wage progression, reporting on the job learning, attending training classes, and demonstrating proficiencies and complying with ratios concerning journeyman to apprentice.

It is the intent of this website (1) to get signed up for training classes and (2) for employers to enroll in the Cornhusker apprenticeship program.  Along the way, some important responsibilities will be highlighted, but you are obligated to take a “deeper dive” and do proper due diligence into all the details involved with each partner’s roles.

Please Note:  If you are reading about this and are not currently employed in the field that you want to be an apprentice in, then click here for information to make an application for an apprenticeship.  This way, employers that are members of the Cornhusker Chapter may consider you as a possibility to hire.  

If you are already an Apprentice, click here to get Information for classes.
If you are an employer and would like to learn about having an apprentice, click here.

Apprenticeship recruitment, selection, employment, and training shall be without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation.