STEP: Your Safety Roadmap Starts Here!

STARTING a safety program can be a daunting task.  But for some, STEP can be more like a big JUMP.  If you are a contractor that wants to “start somewhere” to improve your safety record, the STEP program is the right tool to do it!  With this, STEP will get your program off the ground and enable you to make a smooth transition into STEP the next year, where even greater safety benchmarking and improvement tools await.
YOU can download this road map that gives you some very basic components you need to consider as you work on constructing the foundation of your safety program.  For best results, we encourage you to concentrate on building the program around your company’s culture, the way YOU do business and the way your employees approach their jobs.  While these components may be universal, there is no single right way to integrate them into an organization. The only true “right way” is your way. So download the road map, study it carefully, and take the time needed to make them truly yours.
ALONG the way, you will undoubtedly seek help and guidance.  The ABC Cornhusker Chapter has a full-time OSHA certified Safety Director who will provide you with the resources and training you and your employees may need to cultivate your STEP program into achieving desired results.  While your first step should be to file an application that is contained in the "road map" with your local ABC Chapter to get you started in the right way.  You may also find additional resources through your workers' compensation insurer, local OSHA office/OSHA Consultation Program, State Workers' Compensation Fund, video libraries/vendors, the Internet, or even consultants that will assist you.
CONGRATULATIONS on taking this “STEP”!  As you undoubtedly know, the progress you make will bring returns many times over for your business and your employees alike.  Some returns will come quickly, such as reduced injuries, improved productivity, and stronger OSHA compliance.  Other returns will continue to get better with time, such as gaining a competitive advantage in your market, lowering workers' compensation costs, preventing costly OSHA fines, and pre-qualifying for profitable work.
WE greatly appreciate your participation in our STEP program and would like to recognize your company for its efforts.  Please log on to to download the STEP Evaluation Form; be sure to submit it to your local ABC Chapter in order to receive your “STEP PARTICIPANT” certificate!