FYI Apprentice Classroom Training

Apprentice/crafttraining courses are offered at ABC Training Center at located 830 Westgate Boulevard, Lincoln, NE, and the ABC Training Center, 10640 Burt Circle, Omaha, NE.  Apprentice/craft trainees complete the equivalent of 144 hours of class (related instruction) in a year, which can incorporate elements of both electronic media and a traditional classroom.  NCCER curriculum uses a modular format, is competency-based, and task-oriented.  Courses are taught by licensed journeymen in the construction trades.

A registered apprentice is required to attend classes while simultaneously working in the field (also referred to as on the job learning or ojl).  Apprentices must satisfactorily complete all course work missed before being advanced to the next level of training.  The Training Center Registrar will monitor and document the apprentice progress in related instruction.  In cases of failure of an apprentice to fulfill the obligations regarding related instruction or ojl, the Trustees will take appropriate disciplinary action and may terminate the apprenticeship agreement after due notice to the apprentice and opportunity for corrective action.

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