To become a Subscribing Employer - What do I need to know?

A contractor who desires to have or get an apprentice in the Cornhusker Training Trust Program is required to
become a “Subscribing Employer” and abide by the Registered Apprenticeship Standards.
The highlights of a Subscribing Employer Agreement include:
  • Can review a list of qualified candidates or new hire prospects from the “Cornhusker Training Trust Pool” to interview.
  • Classroom Training for the Apprentice.
  • On The Job Learning (OJL) for the Apprentice.
  • Pay a wage in accordance with the “Wage Progression” based upon OJL.
  • Appoint and train an authorized Supervisor of Apprentices.
  • Appoint and train a Supervisor of Candidate Interviews.
  • 1:1 ratio Journeyman to Apprentice.
  • Execute an Apprentice Agreement to be filed in the RAPIDS system.
  • Obtain Davis Bacon Credits.
  • Maintenance of records.
  • Notification of changes in status.

For additional information click here to see the Subscribing Employer Agreement.

This is a quick summary or outline of what is involved as a Subscribing Employer.  If you want further information, please contact the Lincoln or Omaha Training Center Registrar to enroll in a short workshop to learn about the additional details involved in the Cornhusker Training Trust Registered Apprenticeship Program.

Contact us at:  [email protected]

or call

In Lincoln 402-477-4451
In Omaha 402-344-4258

Apprenticeship recruitment, selection, employment, and training shall be without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation.